Flower trends in weddings 2020

Flower trends in weddings 2020


Flower decorations and natural walls

This wedding season, the tables will still feature floral decorations in tall vases or racks, as well as suspended decorations, e.g. rustic, glowing strings of lamps interspersed with greenery, plant garlands or chandeliers. Together, they will create a fairy-tale atmosphere. They will give the impression of romance and mystery. Wreaths made of branches, flowers and leaves will fit perfectly here, creating a background for the Bride and Groom. This season, walls made of large flowers made of crepe or paper will be fashionable. The aim of this styling is to achieve the impression of a secret garden.

Large bouquets with elements of natural grass

Pampas grass is a reflection of the boho style. It still leads the way in floral decorations. Delicate shades of beige and brown give a natural character and a feeling of lightness due to the airy plumes. Green ornamental plants, leaves of trees and shrubs will continue to dominate the compositions for guests’ tables and wedding bouquets. This year there will be flower arms.

Stylized decorations and flower seasonality.

The task of florists specializing in wedding floristry is to give a visual effect to emerging trends, to breathe life into them. Very popular stylized sessions are visualizations of ideas, e.g. with the use of flowers and greenery cut in the color of the year. Blue flowers that can be successfully used for wedding decorations are: spike, iris, anemone, delphinium, hydrangea, chubby, St. Nicholas, forget-me-nots and cornflowers. There are many beautiful flowers in these shades that bloom in spring and summer, so when getting married in May, remember about forget-me-nots, in June or July, it would be a pity not to use field cornflowers or aromatic lavender. Compositions for the table, wedding bouquet, boutonniere or corsair can be complemented with the leading color or used in accessories for the interior of the room, depending on the intention.

Color of the year

Special institutes and organizations such as Pantone or WGSN keep track of the latest trends. Experts working in them study trends in social media, analyze sales data or trends in street fashion.

After many years of the minimalist greenery trend, it’s time for color! The 2020 season brings more intense colors, such as: burgundy, red, fuchsia, shades of orange, emerald green, mint and navy blue.

 It is worth mentioning here that the color blue was announced the color of 2020. It is a beautiful shade called Classic Blue.

The blue color introduces a sense of calm, seriousness and coolness. It has a calming effect, and also depressing on large surfaces. You have to be careful, only skilful differentiation and combination of this color will create an impressive effect. The combination of blue and saturated red looks interesting. It gives the impression of liveliness, puts you in a good mood. The combination with beige is light, harmonious and elegant. It gives a romantic character. The combinations of two leading colors, e.g. navy blue and pink, dirty pink and purple, black and gold or copper, green with gold or silver, black and burgundy, granite and purple, mustard yellow with emerald green or navy blue, will also work very well.

It is worth experimenting, searching, following trends, if, of course, we are interested in this topic and dream about the WOW effect;)

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