Wedding Offer

Only Flowers

This proposal can be used by couples who want flowers to reign on their day, as well as those who love minimalism. This version will also be perfect for small parties ... This proposal includes basic decorations: stands and dishes for flower arrangements, candlesticks and under-plates. Prices from 200 PLN. The minimum order is a wedding bouquet. This option includes: determining the types of flowers, colors and style, basic decorations to choose from, it is possible to borrow decorations from an external company, e.g. chairs or a carpet for the church, meeting at the florist's, transport of flowers, assembly and disassembly service. The course of cooperation: you set your expectations, style, colors and quantities. Pictures of inspiration are welcome. There is a survey at the end of this page, please complete it. Based on the survey, we send you an initial quote. If you are interested, we make an appointment at the Florist's shop to get to know each other and clarify the details. After the meeting, we send you a summary, sign the contract and pay the deposit. A month before the deadline, we confirm the arrangements and logistics. We make any changes and it's ready!

Comprehensive Decoration Service

This proposal can be used by couples who want their wedding party to be pampered from A to Z! Trust us, and the pinterest photos will turn into reality ... Party in a tent? Outdoor wedding? Suspended compositions? Wedding by candlelight ... The most fashionable decorations will remain in the memory of your guests for a long time. The prices of such a service start from 6,000. All because our ideas have no limits! This option includes: determining the concept of the arrangement of the wedding hall and the wedding venue, matching flowers and decorations to the style of the place, creating a visualization of the project with a detailed valuation based on photos of inspiration, the first meeting in a flower shop, a second meeting with a decorator or florist at the place of the ceremony, consulting and project supervision from the moment of signing the contract to the wedding day, a wide selection of decorations, it is possible to create decorations for individual orders, transport, assembly, disassembly and coordination of the wedding day. The course of cooperation: you send an e-mail to the following address: kontakt@www.madlen.pl. In the e-mail, you will provide the date, place of the wedding, telephone number and number of guests, and we will contact you. We will make an appointment at the florist's for the first time. After the meeting, you will receive an initial quote and a general outline of the arrangement. After accepting the initial concept, we sign a contract for booking the date and pay the deposit. Then we arrange the next meeting, work out all the details, advise, reveal our ideas and stay in constant contact until the wedding day.

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Wedding Offer

Do it yourself

This proposal will be perfect for couples who want to decorate their own party .... Together, we will choose the species of flowers for your style ... we will propose several companies that rent decorations, such as tablecloths, tablecloths, vases or lights .... The offer includes : matching the types of flowers and colors to the chosen style, preparing flowers in bulk for self-decoration, proposals from external companies dealing in borrowing decorations, meeting at the florist's, transporting flowers or collecting them in person. The course of cooperation: We arrange an appointment in the florist's shop, We arrange the details, quantity and species of flowers, We offer companies for borrowing decorations, We send a summary in an e-mail, You pay the deposit and pick up the flowers on the agreed date.

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