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Funeral floristry

Flowers accompany us in the most important moments of life. In moments of joy and sadness. Funeral flowers are an expression of respect, remembrance and mourning. In our funeral florist shop in Katowice, we will take care of every detail of your order in these difficult times. We are passionate and committed, and our work stands out from others. We would like to guarantee you high quality flowers for a funeral in Katowice. We guarantee a sophisticated style of all decorations, including wreaths, condolence bouquets and other compositions. We encourage you to check out our funeral floristry offer, including a wide range of flower arrangements for the cemetery.

Funeral wreaths and flowers

A funeral wreath is a large flower arrangement. It consists of mixed flowers or flowers of one type, e.g. Anthurium, Roses or Lilies. A wreath is laid on the grave of the deceased, but also at monuments or commemorative plaques. Our funeral wreaths from Katowice are made from selected coniferous tree branches and elegant leaves. We select flowers according to the customer's preferences. The shape of a funeral wreath is usually round, but we also make other shapes, e.g. a heart. A funeral wreath from our flower shop in Katowice can be standing or lying. At the customer's request, we add a "last goodbye" sash or with an individual text.

Bouquets and compositions

  • condolence bouquets. A bouquet is given to a person in mourning. In this way, we express our condolences and condolences to our loved ones. The condolence bouquet is graceful and delicate, made of seasonal floral arrangements in muted shades.
  • funeral bouquets. Unlike condolence bouquets, we place a bouquet at the grave of the deceased, at monuments or commemorative plaques. Funeral bouquets from Katowice can be made of one type of flower or mixed flowers. At the customer's request, we add a ribbon with a dedication.
  • flower compositions. Compositions serve as decorations for a tombstone, urn or coffin. We make flower arrangements in various sizes and shapes, depending on your preferences. The flowers are placed in a vessel or on a floral base, so the flowers have constant access to water

Funeral palms

Funeral palms are an alternative to traditional funeral compositions in the form of bouquets. It is a decoration consisting of green elements and flowers in a characteristic teardrop shape. Like bouquets, funeral palms are placed at the grave of the deceased. They can also be a decoration for monuments or commemorative plaques. We make each funeral palm with the addition of selected coniferous tree branches and elegant leaves. The flowers are mounted on a floral base with constant access to water, so they stay fresh longer. Funeral palms can be made of one type of flower or mixed flowers. Most compositions are made in the shape of a teardrop. At the customer's request, we add a sash with a dedication.

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