Dekoracje dla domu i biura Madlen

Integration workshops

There is no better idea for building a great atmosphere in a team than joint workshops! We run workshops for companies: away, on site, in our florist's shop and on-line. During the workshops, all participants have the necessary materials at their disposal. Together with the tutor, they carry out their work step by step, which everyone takes with them after the workshop. Manual workshops are a great escape from office duties. After the workshop, each participant is full of creativity and positive energy. We run workshops on: Forest in a jar, moss paintings, desert in glass, Easter and Christmas decorations, head wreaths, bouquets and seasonal compositions. We are also open to any suggestions. We have our own tables and chairs.

Green walls for companies - province Silesian

Current trends for green walls in the office in interior design will continue. If your space lacks greenery or you are looking for an idea for flowers for the office or arranging empty walls, this offer is addressed to your company. We offer space arrangements in three versions: Vertical gardens made of high-quality artificial greenery, we work with materials that closely resemble living plants. Moss panels: Reindeer Crab, stabilized cushion moss, also with wooden elements, shades of green and style are negotiable. We make all arrangements to a specific size - vertical gardens in the office - Katowice. We invite you!

Dekoracje dla domu i biura Madlen
Dekoracje dla domu i biura Madlen

Potted flowers for the office and more

Green walls are not the only way to enliven the interior of your company. Potted flowers for the office or arrangements using colorful plants will also work well. The green color of the leaves has a relaxing effect, and contact with nature adds energy. Potted plants also fit into current trends in ecological interior design, thanks to which the appearance of your office will be on top, which will translate into a positive image of the company in the eyes of customers. Depending on your needs, we will prepare a tailor-made offer of plants. We will select the appropriate species to suit the conditions in the office, along with care instructions. We deliver plants to companies in Katowice, replant and arrange them. We also offer a permanent subscription to the care and maintenance of plants.

Bouquets and compositions of fresh flowers

Fresh cut flowers are always the most elegant choice for any occasion. We offer: Regular deliveries of flowers to the company on a fixed subscription basis, as an element of decoration. Bouquets and bouquets to celebrate retirement, anniversaries, employee birthdays, Women's Day, commemorations or funerals. We also provide floral arrangements for corporate events, table decorations, hall, lectern or stage decorations. Company decor for Christmas or Easter. We make all kinds of decorations, gift baskets, and small gifts for employees or contractors.

Dekoracje dla domu i biura Madlen

Shop window decorations

Visual Merchandising, i.e. designing and decorating a storefront according to specific rules to encourage customers to shop in your store. One of the elements of visual merchandising is the arrangement of shop windows. This area applies not only to stores, but it is also worth following these rules in companies, restaurants and cafes. A beautifully arranged company front makes a good first impression, which is often crucial when making decisions. We implement all kinds of ideas, suspended elements, garlands, decorations made of dried and artificial flowers. Freestanding flower arrangements and more. Our imagination has no limits. Shop window decoration in Katowice - please contact us!

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