Meet the other florist, also Magdalena!

Meet the other florist, also Magdalena!

Meet the other florist in our Madlen Flowers florist – also Magdalena!

Magdalena has been with us for a year! She loves to emphasize the beauty of nature and minimizes the effect of artificiality at every opportunity! It fights strongly with the style of the old 90’s floristry, creating modern compositions according to the latest trends. Gifted, probably in every field. Boho and rustic bouquets are its strongest point, but it also fits perfectly in “sweetie” compositions. Below, Magdalena wrote a few words about herself!

We invite you to read!


  ”My name is Magdalena and I like to make fun of my name.

I am a pianist florist because I have long fingers. Interest in this field came with time. A bit like waiting for the right moment.

In fact, I started my search with the awareness of “I am capable”, something has to be done about it. I wanted to feel comfortable entering a topic that would involve a huge part of my life. In theory, it just came to me.

   Much earlier, I spontaneously tried to be a waitress in a pizzeria, a sandwich or ice cream seller, a sales assistant in a shop, and even for a month I happened to work in a bakery, in production … just to earn a living. The food industry has always been close to me. Magda’s got it;) they like to eat and talk about food, sometimes to write. I also happened to work … when packing Christmas gifts or testing artistic articles for children at the Fair, ?I like to combine business with pleasure, and how much “fan” at the same time.

 All these attempts gave me a lot … The will to change.

   I am an artist jeweler by education, cool, isn’t it? But what of it? Nothing but fun. I didn’t go that way, I think it’s good. I could still be a ceramist, but that’s just a guess. There was also an option for an art teacher, but a distant one, or a graphic designer, but let’s say I didn’t like the computer or a cameraman;) (not a wedding). I chose the last, i.e. new media. It was interesting during my studies, I learned a lot, also about myself. There are many options.

   I do not know why floristry was a distant subject at that time. The move was a key moment. Sometimes it stabilizes. I put my roots down in Katowice. This is where my many years of adventure with flowers began. The first year of work can be compared to entering the unknown, like little Alicja. Then I got choked with the topic and remained on my laurels. Then I changed my surroundings. First, a florist course in Opole, then an experience with flowers in Warsaw. It was wonderful. I followed the blow, I gained experience in the wedding industry. I learned the craft part-time in Krakow and here on the spot. I searched and discovered again. It was then that I made the decision to become a professional florist with a diploma. I moved to Krakow for a while. I worked and learned from the best, opening new doors for me.

I am fulfilled, from that moment on, calling myself a florist.

 The road to where I am now was sometimes bumpy but well worth the effort. There are over 4 years of floristic ups and downs behind me. Plans for more at your fingertips, I want to become a florist master! Everything indicates that I am also fulfilling the role of a teacher. I conduct practical classes in floristry for students of the Cosinus post-secondary school, workshops and shows at Nasz Kwiaciarnia Madlen Flowers. I am glad that I can share my knowledge and experience with others!

  Today I know that it is a profession for which I have a weakness, that I create a relationship. I see so many possibilities in it. I love the state of commitment, the emotions that accompany it. Excitement, energy, joy, enthusiasm, further development. Emotions make me feel like the right person in the right place.

At a good moment in my life, I realized that flowers are a carrier of emotions. They put you in the mood in an incredible way. You just have to look at them. And what a big difference you can see in an interior with and without flowers. This is just an example, or when I unexpectedly receive a beautiful bouquet, it is just euphoria. I won’t mention the moment when I create. I combine genres, I mix colors, textures and shapes. I feel like I’m painting. Really. Just like in college. Or at times when someone sees what I see. It turned out beautiful. Or when I joyfully shout “I love my work !!” because I just captured something new and I feel excited to share it. Ideally, floristry is associated with photography. I believe that I have something of an aesthetic and I catch these frames. I am glad that I see so many of them every day, maybe without exaggeration, but there are many of them in my life.

  It’s worth stopping and looking around sometimes. I recommend! “


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