The most interesting ideas for a floral gift

The most interesting ideas for a floral gift

From the dawn of time, flowers have inspired mankind in various ways. The Celts, for example, worshiped plants, and gave some varieties symbolism and meaning that continue to this day. And so the now famous red rose means giving the other half, and the orange one is perfect as a gift for a sad person, because it symbolizes enthusiasm. So are flowers a good gift idea? Surely! How about a beautiful garden in a jar ? In the text below we will try to present the best of floral ideas – welcome!

When to give flowers to someone as a gift?

At the outset, it is worth noting that the answer to this question may turn out to be extremely difficult. It all depends on the person’s preferences, but also on the type of relationship itself. Sometimes – though rarely – it may turn out that someone does not like flowers. What to do then? There are two options – either opt for a different gift or choose something innovative, for example a forest in a jar. And what if you want to surprise someone unexpectedly? In this case, flower shipments are recommended . After selecting the preferred bouquet or plant, the employee can deliver it wherever he wants – within reason, of course. However, a question arises …

What’s the best way to choose a bouquet?

For people who are not interested in floristry on a daily basis, the help of a plant specialist will undoubtedly be useful. What, then, is worth paying attention to today? First of all, for fashion – nowadays eco and minimalism reign supreme. According to the “less is more” principle, bouquets should be as natural as possible and sometimes without unnecessary additives. Just a composition of multicolored inflorescences. Another bouquets trend is “wildness”. This can be described as increased naturalness or, if you prefer – floral artistic disorder.

Are only cut flowers at stake?

Absolutely not! In addition to cut flowers, their potted counterparts can be a good gift. If someone is a plant lover, he will certainly be pleased with such a gift. Ficuses, dracaena, cacti or other succulents – there are plenty of ideas! Nevertheless, it should be remembered that the recipient should be informed about this form of gift. Why? Because potted flowers require spending time, and according to the principle “time is money”, not everyone can sacrifice it. And if the handle has already been set – it’s okay to add a small bouquet or a single flower to the plant in the pot.

A breeze of forest freshness closed in a jar

Some time ago, scientists discovered that green has a calming effect on the human body, and what place can be greener than a forest? What if you brought a fragment of it home? It is possible nowadays, and in addition it is a great gift idea. What is it about? In a large-sized jar, soil, moss and stones are placed in layers, which in practice is to reflect the forest litter. Of course, properly selected plants play a key role. Then, the jar prepared in this way is covered with a stopper, which causes the water inside to evaporate and then condense. The microclimate created in this way makes the miniature forest live its own life. Where can you get this type of magic jar? They are offered by numerous florists with delivery in Katowiceand many other places.
There are countless ideas for floral gifts. It can be said with full conviction that even those mentioned in the above text do not exhaust creativity in 100%. For example, instead of a forest in a jar, you can prepare a small desert here, and instead of an exquisite bouquet, choose real minimalism – flowers delivered directly to the recipient’s home. They will certainly cause surprise, but also a happy smile on her face.



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