Flowers and culture and celebrations

Flowers and culture and celebrations

There are many occasions to give flowers – some of them turn out to be joyful, while others, unfortunately, are associated with negative emotions. Birthdays, name days, weddings , parties or funerals – it is worth choosing the right bouquet for each of these occasions. Why? Because flowers are closely related to the tradition in a given place, not every species, color or even every quantity will be consistent with the label. What to choose and how not to commit a faux paus? You will find the answer to these and other questions in the text below – welcome!

The role of flowers in culture

Plants have accompanied mankind since ancient times – initially only for practical reasons, and from antiquity there was also an interest in their aesthetics. For example, there is a laurel wreath adorned with the heads of Greek or Roman Olympic winners. On the other hand, another ancient civilization – the Celts – created ornaments inspired by plants, which was also the case among the northern inhabitants, i.e. the Vikings. The cultures of the Far East chose the lotus as one of the most important flowers of their civilization, and the sunflower symbolized the sun shining in the sky in almost all the ancients. Of course, there would be many more references. How is it with colors? We will explain this briefly in each of the following paragraphs.

Floral wedding decorations

Anyone who has attended a wedding at least once in their life knows that there are numerous decorations in each room where the party takes place. The dominant ornaments are usually multicolored flowers. Why? Decorating the wedding hall in the form of colorful plants is perfect especially when you plan to organize a party in the Old Polish style. In addition, they will add naturalness and generally understood beauty. Are flowers even needed for a wedding? Oh how! After all, you cannot forget about the wedding bouquet!

Wreaths and funeral floristry

However, flowers do not accompany people only in joyful moments – they are also commonly used as a form of saying goodbye and sometimes symbolize mourning. It is, of course, about funeral wreaths. This large arrangement of flowers allows you to honor the memory and pay tribute to the deceased person. Funeral flowers can consist of one plant species and combinations of both – for example, roses, lilies and chrysanthemums. The bunch will also include carefully selected branches of coniferous trees, and according to the client’s wishes, our florist from Katowicewill add a sash with your preferred text. It is worth mentioning that there are 3 types of funeral compositions – condolence, funeral, as well as decorative compositions for tombstones. As for the color scheme, burgundy, purple or white flowers are generally chosen for funerals. However, we set their color according to the client’s preferences. There is also a question of the number of plants – just in this case, an even number is proposed.
Finally, it is worth adding that there can be many more occasions to give flowers. In fact, they don’t even have to be related to some important event. After all, nothing stands on

obstacle to give a loved one a single plant or a small bouquet. It will certainly improve her mood for the whole day and bring a radiant smile on her face.

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