Persian cyclamen for Women’s Day and more

Persian cyclamen for Women’s Day and more

Persian cyclamen – under this exotic sounding name there is nothing else than an alpine violet, i.e. a small, graceful potted plant. How to care for it so that it becomes a real decoration? Here are a number of tips to help you with this! Look!


Alpine violet – what conditions will be suitable for it?

Cyclamen is a plant that at the same time likes bright surroundings and feels bad when exposed to direct sunlight, so it is worth placing it, for example, on an eastern window sill – take this into account when looking for a place for it in your home. The optimal temperature for it is between 7 and 15 ° C. When choosing a pot for cyclamen, choose a slightly smaller one – the plant copes well in tight environments.


Calling the Persian cyclamen an alpine violet is basically a mistake, as the latter name refers to a plant that grows wild in the high mountains. The term, however, has become so widespread that it is also used today to refer to a potted plant.


Cyclamen – everyday care

Alpine violet is sometimes called capricious – if it does not like the method of care, you will surely find out about it, because it will manifest with its appearance. What to pay special attention to?

Water the plant moderately and in such a way as not to wet the tuber. It is best to pour water on the saucer, and after 30 minutes, pour off any excess.
During flowering, fertilize cyclamen with fertilizer for flowering plants, not more often than once a week.
After flowering, remove any wilting flower shoots immediately. Then you can also move the plant to a place suitable for wintering – that is, cool and shaded. It should stay there until the second half of May.
Just before hibernating in August and September is a good time to transplant an alpine violet into fresh soil.

Alpine violets can be propagated in two ways: from seeds (which is quite difficult to do at home) and from tubers. In the latter case, it is enough to divide the tuber into fragments containing an “eye”, protect all wounds with charcoal, and then plant them in permeable soil.

Persian cyclamen diseases

Despite several approaches to the cultivation of alpine violet, each of them died quickly? Although this plant is not particularly susceptible to disease or pests, it is also not completely indestructible. Its greatest risk is overflow, which may result in slow tuber rotting. That is why it is best not to water it from the top, but from the bottom, i.e. pouring water onto the base. Watering the water on top of the pot may also result in the growth of gray mold, which is not so easy to remove.

Persian cyclamen is susceptible to a fungal disease called downy mildew. You can recognize its symptoms by the brown-red spots on the leaves. Immediate removal of the affected parts of the plant and the use of special fungicytes will help in the fight against the disease.




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