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Greenery in weddings

Greenery in weddings

In addition to the standard types of greenery used to decorate wedding halls, i.e. ruskus, asparagus or eucalyptus, there are several other types that equally beautifully emphasize the particular atmosphere of your room.


  1. Monstera or its cheaper alternative philodendron – beautiful large leaves. They are characterized by a strong bottle-green color. In combination with white flowers, we will get a very elegant effect, while by adding madness with sharp colors, the effect will be exotic and original.
  2. Salal – twigs consisting of several leaves, which are also bottle green in color. Very often used in an elegant and romantic style with lots of flowers, they blend in beautifully with garden roses.
  3. Ivy – long vines with small leaves of various sizes, available in dusty green colors, sometimes with burgundy or white discoloration. It can easily replace ruskus leaves in a rustic style. And it will work best when we want to achieve the effect of a secret garden. It goes perfectly with golden accessories.
  4. Euonymus – comes in many varieties and colors, the most popular colors are bright green with white discoloration. It goes beautifully with pastel colors, especially pink. It is a great addition to low and high compositions. Thanks to its densely growing leaves, it gives them a large volume, so a small amount of flowers is enough for the final result to be satisfactory.
  5. Oak leaves – a very interesting addition, oak leaves are large and delicate at the same time. They have a light green color, so they perfectly match all varieties of flowers, especially those with dark colors. They can be added to compositions of pastel colors in order to enliven them or used in typically natural and field compositions with small flowers and grasses. The effect will be equally interesting.
  6. Olive or its cheaper substitute – white willow – Both additions are characterized by thin, longitudinal, gray leaves. In the case of olives, the leaves are stiff and thicker, while the leaves of the willow are flowing. Depending on what form we want to obtain, both additions offer great opportunities. The gray color will give elegance to any flower. Most often, these accessories are used with flowers in pastel or burgundy colors to obtain a delicate, flowing, boho effect.
  7. Pistachio – the cheapest possible additive to the composition, it is most often used as a filling between flowers. It is characterized by woody stems with clusters of small dark green leaves. Pistachio in itself is not a particularly attractive accessory among florists, but you can use it in such a way that the end result will be really wow! Among other things, by dyeing it in different colors. Cream roses in combination with golden pistachio look amazing.
  8. Conifer branches, min. Cypresses or thuja – a great accessory for winter weddings. They come in a variety of shapes and colors. You can create really interesting forms of composition from them. They will blend in nicely with white anemones, especially in December-January.
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