Soy Candles – Madlen Soy Candle

Soy Candles – Madlen Soy Candle

Our soy candles are made of organic soy wax and natural essential oils. They give a unique atmosphere both with a relaxing   scent and brilliance. In order to enjoy them as long as possible, it is worth remembering a few rules that affect product satisfaction and safety.

Rules for burning soy candles 

1. Surrounding and securing the candle:

Avoid places exposed to drafts, air vents,   window sills. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the candle smoking and thus inadequate firing, which translates into the loss of valuable fragrance.

The candle heats up during prolonged use, thus it can   damage   the surface on which it stands, so it is worth placing it on the stand every time before lighting it. 

2. First use:

You should burn the candle for at least  3 hours  (until the entire upper layer of wax has dissolved. This should prevent the formation of unevenness, the so-called tunnels, and extend its use.

In the event of   unevenness , be sure to extend the burning time of the candle for one time, so that the top layer of the soy wax melts completely.

The soy candle should be used for 2 to 4 hours with each subsequent burning. 

3. Putting out candles:

Proper extinguishing consists in cutting off the oxygen supply. This can be done with our wooden cover, but it is important not to put it on immediately after smoking, but wait until it is completely cool. This will minimize the presence of an unwanted smell inside the candle.

After cooling down, gently break the wick. This will prevent the wax from staining and thus creating a too high flame.

4. Wooden wick:

The Madlen soy candle is characterized by a wooden wick. As a rule, there are cotton wicks in candles. The wooden wick has its pros and cons. As befits wood, it may slightly discolor the wax to a beige color during burning. But a definite plus of such wicks is a slight crackling sound when smoking. Especially in the evening, when it is twilight, we can listen to the atmospheric sounds that reflect the fireplace. 

Soy wax is biodegradable, easy to remove from any surface. 

We can do it with hot water.

Soy candles last much longer than commercial   paraffin candles. The burning time depends primarily on its amount. 


Our Madlen soy candle comes in two sizes:

180 ml – burning time approx. 40 h – price PLN 79

Available fragrances:

Sote – unscented candle

Orient – the smell of mango, papaya, saffron, grapefruit

Mocha – coffee and chocolate

Vanilla – the smell of vanilla

Spring – grass, freesia, jasmine

Day Spa – lime, lemongrass, aloe vera

Winter  – cinnamon, apple, orange

Amber – musk, ambergris, citruses

We wish you a pleasant use. 

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