Trends in bouquets, compositions, floristry.

Trends in bouquets, compositions, floristry.

There are places and people who set these trends.

The world horticulture fair in Essnen (Germany) is commonly referred to as trendsetter. It is them and indirectly the fairs in the decorating industry that set the trends for the upcoming season. They are a place full of floral inspirations, innovative designs, colors, patterns and objects. A place where products are set for those that will remain and those that will go out of fashion.

Another important figure in the world of floristry is Constance Spry, a well-known British visionary florist. At the beginning of the 20th century, she started the trend for naturalistic flower arrangements, where simplicity and the romantic charm of flowers count. Thus, opposing the convention of the rules of composing, recognizing loose, inventive, charming and economical forms.

Its timeless style of arrangement has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration and has greatly influenced contemporary floristry.

Currently, the generally visible trend of returning to nature is a gradual process that has been developing over the past several years. Being “eco” is becoming more and more common.

Flowers are beautiful in themselves, naturalness is the greatest feature of contemporary trends, next to minimalism. Striving for simplicity translates into legibility, which is combined with calm and light work. This is perfectly emphasized by the phrase “Less is more”. It is about enhancing the essence and beauty of individual plants that come to the fore. Important.

Another feature of contemporary compositions is wildness, which in my opinion is nothing else than naturalness in an intensified version. Ultimately, the right plant material and color palette are important here, which translates into a natural effect. Seasonal plants are perfect. They give a lot of arrangement possibilities. Very durable flowers (considered by many to be old-fashioned), such as gerberas, dahlias, carnations, and chrysanthemums, which are no longer associated only with the first of November, are returning to favor.

Light, airy grasses and even dried flowers also fit this trend. As a subtle addition, they create a unique atmosphere. Moreover, they are so universal that they are used all year round. Currently, various types of grass reign in bouquets and compositions. Their time has come and may it last as long as possible.

In the floristic industry, as well as in the fashion or interior design industry, there is a forecast of color trends for a given season, determined by the Pantone Institute. The main color of this season is PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue. A beautiful, subdued shade of navy blue. This does not mean that others are omitted or excluded, because another fashionable combination is a warm palette of soft neutral colors next to a vivid palette, inspired by prints from the 70s. Overall, the Flower Power decade.

Translating color trends into floristry, in practice, you can observe them through accessories that are an alternative to bouquets in a natural style.

Decorative papers and ribbons are still very fashionable.

For example, an occasional bouquet in yellow, purple, coral-pink colors will perfectly harmonize with elegant gray paper tied with a ribbon in a shade of brown.

Colors such as scarlet red in combination with muted turquoise paper will bring a sense of ease, harmony and creativity.

Today, more and more customers are inspired by social media. The growing popularity of these measures is obvious. and thus awareness and requirements. Thanks to them, both florists and customers meet somewhere in the middle, defining and meeting their expectations.

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