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Meet Madlen … “from fencing to a florist”

Meet Madlen … “from fencing to a florist”

My name is Magdalena, hence the slightly twisted name Madlen Flowers .

It is not without reason that I have titled the entry “from swordplay to floristry”, namely for 15 years I have been training fencing in Katowice. The adventure with fencing began with the sports class in primary school. With time, the adventure began to turn into a great passion and professional training, qualifying for the National Team at the age of 15 and going to the first International Cadet Tournament in London . Subsequent successes motivated me to work even harder, which resulted in the vice European Cadet Championships , then two vice World Junior Championships, bronze medal at the Youth European Championships and regular old ones in the Senior World Cup, thus I stayed in fencing until graduation, representing Katowice on the national and international arena.

My first dream was to combine a sports and professional career, which I managed to achieve by obtaining a master’s degree in engineering from the Faculty of Transport at the Silesian University of Technology in Katowice. I have always had a great imagination and a head full of ideas, I also liked to give people joy and make them happy. Nothing reflects this more than the joy of the person gifted with flowers, so instead of staying in the men’s car industry, after a few courses and training, I was delighted with the florist industry. Initially, I dealt with the online sale of flower compositions – the so-called flowerbox , and since April 2017 I have been running my stationary point close to the city center in Katowice . My florist’s shop is located at ul. Francuska 59, at the level of the District Court in Katowice.

In addition to classic bouquets for every occasion, we create a la Madlen bouquets and various compositions in glass, from tiny gardens living in a micro climate to beautiful and effective decorations made of natural moss, which will enliven any interior with its original color. Madlen Flowers is not only a florist, we carry out beautiful wedding projects and organize workshops and florist courses.

My motto: ” Give a loved one flowers without any occasion, and you will see her completely different …

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