Interior trends 2020

Interior trends 2020

Ecological trend – close to nature

This trend grew out of respect for nature, the work of human hands and the growing need to care for the environment.

Do tworzenia lamp, stolików, dekoracji czy nawet mebli kuchennych stosowane są materiały biodegradowalne takie jak bioplastik PLA z kwasu polimlekowego, kukurydza, otręby zbożowe, rybie łuski, trawa morska, wióry drewniane, a nawet konopie, fusy z kawy czy grzyby. Preferowane są naturalne dodatki np.w postaci naturalnych sojowych świec oraz surowce takie jak: drewno, bambus, rattan, ceramika, rafia, wełna, kamień, szkło, metal oraz suszone trawy pampasowe. W aranżacji wg idei zero waste dominują spokojne kolory takie jak odcienie beżu, ciepłego brązu, ożywione akcentami zielonej oliwki, a także szmaragdu, miętowo-szarej zieleni, brudnego i rozbielonego różu.
Living plants are also a necessary element to create a natural interior. Some flowers have special properties that cleanse the rooms of dangerous toxins (perennial, ficus benjamina, fern, aglaonema, dracaena, ivy, sansevieria), and at the same time they are a beautiful decoration of the apartment. Plants can be used to decorate entire areas of walls, creating extremely fashionable vertical gardens or green ceilings. Large specimens of exotic potted plants, such as banana trees, palm trees, ficuses, monsters and philodendrons, are very fashionable. Sansewieria, a typical retro plant that returns to the living rooms in a great style, and the popular lyric-leaved ficus deserve special attention.

The ecological trend is simple, there is no room for complicated forms and patterns or excess decorations.


A fascination with ancient Greece and Rome also appeared on the interior design market, which in fashion trends translates into furniture and accessories – vases and casings as decorations in the form of Caesar busts or other fragments of ancient sculptures.

African style

This trend is dominated by African sculptures and hand-made objects, dark wood, braids made of plant fibers, coarsely woven fabrics with a clear texture. The colors in this style are shades of scorched earth, muted pinks and reds, shades of sand, beige and orange. The interior decorated in this style must not be complete without a composition of geometric figures, motifs of spots and stripes.

Neo-bourgeois style

This style is a return to the style of the 1970s and a perverse reference to the arrangement of bourgeois salons from the interwar period. The spirit of those eras is reflected in oval shapes and luxurious finishes. Low sofas, armchairs, velvet poufs and golden hoops and tassels.

In times of rapid technological development, a very important trend is biophilic design. It allows you to establish or strengthen the relationship of man with nature and improve his well-being thanks to plants and harmonious colors. It is also worth remembering that the key to a stylish interior is courage, but also moderation. Although after years of minimalism it’s time for maximalism, not always more is better.


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